Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weakest woman in the world is Valeria Levitin, weighing only 55 pounds and 5.6 tall, according to doctors she should weigh at least 123 pounds.
Valeria was born in Russia, but now lives in Monaco. She says that she gets many letters from fans who would like to look like her.

"I receive many letters from girls who want to be like me. Mainly girls aged about 20 years ago, and they see me as an inspiration, "she says.
But fueled precisely by letters, Valerie decided to publicly speak about their condition and engage in a campaign against anorexia.

"I refuse to learn how to die," she said.
It began when her mother, because some thick relatives, began restricting meals to Valerie and
measured her weight several times every day.
It continued at  teenage age, and when she was 23 years old, fell only to 44 pounds. She didn't eat some foods for so long, such as bread and sugar, so her body could no longer know how  to process that food .
All that Valerie wants now is a normal life and children, but her body can not stand for it, so now she is planning to return to Moscow and try to establish a family with the help of a surrogate mother.

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